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Sensible-Investor recommendations,

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Sensible-Investor believes that long-term investors will find value in the investment books listed in the “Sensible-Investor recommends” section. Books in the lower “ recommends” section have not been evaluated, so caveat investor. In most cases, clicking on the image of the book will take you to, where you can buy it at a diAmazonscounted price. (A portion of that price helps support Sensible-Investor.)



Sensible-Investor recommends these investment books:







What’s Your Net Worth: Click Your Way to Wealth, Jennifer Openshaw -- Mostly very sensible financial advice for women from a founder of the Women’s Financial Network. Covers topics from real estate to estate planning; from investing to charitable gifts.





A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton Malkiel -- A classic book, first published in 1973. Princeton economics Prof. Burton Malkiel explains with humor and clarity why much that passes as canny stock-market commentary is actually baseless self-delusion. Here are the intellectual underpinnings of  index-fund investing and portfolio diversification.





What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know: How You Can Build Real Wealth Investing in Index Funds, Larry Swedroe -- As The New York Times accurately states, this is  “a serious attempt to explain academic research on how securities markets work. In the process (the author) bludgeons Wall Street, and the financial press, for its self-interested attempts to lure people into active trading.” recommends

Unlike the books above, those in the “ recommends” section below have not been evaluated by Sensible-Investor. Many will be valuable, and others will stink.






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Stocks, lies and videotape A quick introduction. Why most personal finance magazines, television shows and Web sites give crummy investment advice. What “down-to- earth guide” means.

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