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All of these sites have quite different approaches to investing from that of Sensible-Investor. No endorsement of their approach or their content is implied by their inclusion here.

Linked sites: Proceed with caution

Cambridge Foreign Exchange Global payments service and foreign exchanges services including international money transfer.

Analyst Group We are a group of freelance equity analysts. We provide financial services that alert investors and traders to stocks that have huge upside potential with outstanding reward/risk ratios both in the short term and long term.” Free newsletter: covered calls, stock splits, technical analysis, after-hours trading, and top mutual fund manager watch.

CoveredCall.Com Covered calls, credit spreads, Leaps, put writing, stock splits and other stock and option strategies as well as daily market calls, news and commentary links. Forecast for stock splits before they are announced. With  stock split calendar. TechnicalTraders’ goal: Make money in any stock market environment. Technical Traders Report issued three times a week.

DaytraderNews.Net Charts, news, more charts. For shortest-term investors, but with a time delay. For those with time and inclination to perform extensive research about individual securities, this site is packed with dozens of links on stocks, mutual funds, options, market numbers, market commentary, futures, insider trading and IPOs.

SavingforCollege Source of information about 529 college savings. A links site like, full of stock tips of uncertain validity and a variety of unsuppportable claims, such as the link to a Web site guaranteeing to tell you “exactly when to buy and sell stocks.”

InvestorsHouse  Financial and investment search engine.

Discover Investments Directory of financial resources including investment info, market news, stock quotes, analyst reports, Canadian equities, tech stock profiles.

Market  Free stock message boards create a user-friendly
online financial community where smart investors take part in discussions that are focused and valuable, track stocks, send private messages.

MarketWarrior  Propriety technical analysis of stocks and futures. Free  ongoing education, free nightly data service, free 30-day trial. 





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